Find & Play ~ Foobar2000 Music Search Extension

Feature rich plug-in for foobar2000 that finds and plays music. Works great with youtube and your own media library.


Display & Play:

  • full album and track discographies
  • top tracks, similar artists, similar songs, decades
  • top 100 charts (current and historic back to 1952)
  • can use queries or track matching with tag database (so files don’t need to be tagged in any special way to identify tracks of specific genres, mood or artist locale)

Auto DJ:

  • auto DJ option with automated weighting algorithmn that can use or own data to help select better tracks

Other features:

  • operates on a minimum number of playlists, so there’s no awkward playlist management
  • nowplaying pane that provides feedback or displays configurable info on current track,121006.0.html


FoobarSync ~ Syncronize Your Media

FoobarSync is an command line driven VBscript which will synchonize parts from your foobar2000 Medialibrary and Playlists to one or more targets in a very flexible way.

Lets say you have a USB-Stick for your car entertainment system plus an Android device. Sure you want to have some music in your car and on your Android. But your car only accepts MP3 and needs a special folder-layout while your Android device plays many formats, but you want to save space and therefore want lower bitrates. And at least you want to have different albums and playlists in your car then on your Android. FoobarSync will help you to meet those demands plus more.

FoobarSync will get a subset of items from your Medialibrary AND your playlists, defined by a search-query and other rules. The selected items can be defined per target (one configuration file per target). This configuration file is stored in the root folder of the target. When synchronizing each item is checked against the defined rule sets and then a) copied to the target or b) converted to the target. If your subset (choosen items) in foobar2000 changes, these changes will get synchonized as soon as you rerun FoobarSync.

foo_hdcd ~ Foobar2000 HDCD Decoder

This PCM postprocessor component, currently utilized by the CDDA, WAV, FLAC, and WavPack inputs, will process 16-bit PCM data with HDCD packets into 20-bit PCM. If it fails to find any packet headers within the first 5 seconds of a track, it gives up.

The HDCD status will be indicated in the info variable “hdcd,” retrievable with either %__hdcd% or $info(hdcd). Extra info variables are “hdcd_peak_extend,” “hdcd_transient_filter” and “hdcd_gain.”

Also included is a simple scanner that processes up to 5 seconds of each track selected and reports all tracks which contain HDCD information. If users want it, I will impement a full file scanner that also reports which HDCD features are used throughout the tracks.,79427.0

Those FLACs should still contain HDCD information, and the %__hdcd% info tag should be showing as much in the status bar. (Or in the playlist, if you have a playlist view that updates with dynamic metadata.),79427.msg720656.html#msg720656


Formatting Examples:

Foobar2000 / DUI / status or title bar:

(‘$if($info(hdcd) PRESENT,%__hdcd_gain% HDCD’,’ pe=%__hdcd_peak_extend% tf=%__hdcd_transient_filter%,no HDCD)’)’,114177.msg940475.html#msg940475

$if(%__hdcd%,’ (‘HDCD – pe:%__hdcd_peak_extend% tf:%__hdcd_transient_filter% gain:%__hdcd_gain%’)’,),79427.msg716302.html#msg716302
%codec% | %bitrate% kbps | %samplerate% Hz | %channels% | %playback_time%[ / %length%] $if(%__hdcd%,' 'HDCD - Peak Extend: %__hdcd_peak_extend% Transient Filter: %__hdcd_transient_filter% Gain: %__hdcd_gain%' ',),79427.msg716575.html#msg716575


foo_mpv ~ foobar2000 Local Video Support

This component allows playing local video files in foobar2000 using libmpv. It is not a foobar decoder, it will just play the video for files that foobar is already playing via other input components. You may need to install other decoders or foo_input_ffmpeg to play certain files.


  • Video player can be a default UI element, columns UI panel or a separate window
  • On-screen control on the video
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Generates video thumbnails as album art, with optional manual thumbnail chooser
  • Video panels can act as an album art viewer when no video is present to avoid wasting space
  • Reads mpv.conf and input.conf
  • Provides some interfaces for integrating mpv Lua scripts with foobar2000

foo_dsp_TripleStereo ~ Convert 2 To 3 Channels

This plugin extracts a central component of the stereo signal and sends it to a separate channel. This makes the sound cleaner with wider panorama.

Just connect additional speaker to center channel and enjoy!,108038.0

foo_dop ~ Foobar2000 iPod Manager

iPod manager allows you to transfer music to Apple iPods from foobar2000.

Features include:

  • artwork support
  • ReplayGain to SoundCheck conversion
  • gapless playback support
  • automatic conversion of unsupported audio formats
  • smart playlist creation,45160.0

dotnet_title_bar ~ Foobar2000 Skinnable Overlay User Interface

This is a component for the foobar2000 audio player, which provides a skinnable overlay UI.


  • Easily customizable UI.
  • Configurable automatic hiding of the overlay.
  • foo_acfu integration.
  • And more!

foo_pggb_rt ~ Foobar2000 Realtime Resampler

foo-RT – A PGGB-RT foobar2000 (Windows) component up samples or down samples your audio tracks in near real-time fashion using insanely long linear filters. We are able to do this by using hardware acceleration PGGB-RT SDK. We say ‘near real-time’ because remastering using insanely long filters require a finite time. Depending on the length of your track and the filter length (in millions of taps) you choose, the very first track will take anywhere from a few seconds to a few ten seconds to start. The subsequent tracks would play in a gap-less fashion