Music Player GO ~ Android Audio Player

Home of Music Player GO, a minimal yet fully-featured local Android music player aiming at simplicity and performance.


  • Minimal interface
  • Equalizer
  • Music organised by artist, albums, songs and folders; tabs are organisable
  • Light, dark, automatic themes and accents
  • Pure black theme
  • Queue
  • Sleep timer
  • Audio focus, precise volume and headset management
  • Now playing, embedded covers, search, playback speed, pause on completion, sorting, shuffle, fast-seeking…


FoobarSync ~ Syncronize Your Media

FoobarSync is an command line driven VBscript which will synchonize parts from your foobar2000 Medialibrary and Playlists to one or more targets in a very flexible way.

Lets say you have a USB-Stick for your car entertainment system plus an Android device. Sure you want to have some music in your car and on your Android. But your car only accepts MP3 and needs a special folder-layout while your Android device plays many formats, but you want to save space and therefore want lower bitrates. And at least you want to have different albums and playlists in your car then on your Android. FoobarSync will help you to meet those demands plus more.

FoobarSync will get a subset of items from your Medialibrary AND your playlists, defined by a search-query and other rules. The selected items can be defined per target (one configuration file per target). This configuration file is stored in the root folder of the target. When synchronizing each item is checked against the defined rule sets and then a) copied to the target or b) converted to the target. If your subset (choosen items) in foobar2000 changes, these changes will get synchonized as soon as you rerun FoobarSync.

Jellyfin Audio Player ~ Stream Your Songs

This is a React Native-based audio streaming app for Jellyfin. Jellyfin is a community-based piece of software that allows you to stream your media library over the internet. By means of React Native, Jellyfin Audio Player allows you to stream your Jellyfin Music library, with full support for background audio and casting (ie. Airplay and Chromecast).


  • Sorting by recent albums
  • Browsing through all available albums
  • Searching based on album and artist names
  • Queuing tracks and albums
  • AirPlay and Chromecast support
  • Background audio
  • Native Dark Mode

Hysolid ~ High Resolution Audio Player

When we developed HYSOLID, we were strongly aware that just as audio equipment is different from general industrial products, playback software is also a part of the “Audio” for which a special quality is required. By thinking that the special quality required for the playback software is “to aim a low-noise playback by reducing the load on the PC as low as possible,” we made this thought as the development concept of HYSOLID. HYSOLID has been developed by pursuing this simple concept from the design of the entire software structure to the detailed data manipulation. Please enjoy the difference of the sound by low load by all means.

Method for realizing low system load

Enabling playback by turning ON the PC -> Largely avoids the PC load generated from other software HYSOLID was designed so that you can use it by turning ON the PC in order to avoid the influence of other software as much as possible. You need not sign in to Windows unlike other general software.Since many of Windows programs in both OS and applications operate starting from the Windows sign-in, we have considered this design is particularly important for the PC audio.

Operation is made by smartphone apps -> Avoids the PC load by the user interface

HYSOLID has been enabled to operate with smartphone apps. We have reduced the PC load generated from the user interface (screen display and screen operation) on the PC like other software.

Our own linkage method -> Reduces the PC load of data communication

For the linkage between the smartphone apps and the Windows software, we have adopted the original bi-directional protocol that is designed to reduce the PC load at top priority by avoiding the general scheme or protocols such as DLNA and HTTP. Furthermore, the communication data itself has also been designed to be compact.

For the data format of the communication data, we have adopted UTF-16 for characters and little endian for numerical values so that the software on the Windows can handle them at the lowest load

Precisely implemented playback core -> Reduces the PC load of playback logic

In order to minimize the PC load of playback, the logic portion from reading sound source data from a file up to delivering it to the DAC of the driver becomes important.

We call this logic portion as “playback core,” and have implemented it particularly precisely.

When implementing the playback core, we dare to postpone the elements such as securing the readability that is emphasized in the general software development and reducing the implementation scale to prioritize to minimize the load that the playback core gives on the PC.

Cancelling the read cache by the OS -> Reduces the PC load of data read

In reading the sound source data, HYSOLID has adopted a system to directly read the memory of the playback software without using the read buffer by the OS. This produces an effect to reduce the PC load when reading the sound source data.

* The target functions will be applied to the WAV and DSD playback using a local storage

WavePad ~ Digital Audio Workstation

Get it Free. This free audio editor is available for non-commercial use only. WavePad free audio editing software does not expire and includes many of the features of the master’s version. If you are using it at home, you can download the free music editing software here. You can always upgrade to the master’s edition at a later time, which has additional effects and features for the serious sound engineer. No signup required.

ExoPlayer ~ Extensible Android Media Player

ExoPlayer is an application level media player for Android. It provides an alternative to Android’s MediaPlayer API for playing audio and video both locally and over the Internet. ExoPlayer supports features not currently supported by Android’s MediaPlayer API, including DASH and SmoothStreaming adaptive playbacks. Unlike the MediaPlayer API, ExoPlayer is easy to customize and extend, and can be updated through Play Store application updates. ExoPlayer modules can be obtained from JCenter. It’s also possible to clone the repository and depend on the modules locally. The easiest way to get started using ExoPlayer is to add it as a gradle dependency. You need to make sure you have the Google and JCenter repositories included in the build.gradle file in the root of your project. n addition to library modules, ExoPlayer has multiple extension modules that depend on external libraries to provide additional functionality. Some extensions are available from JCenter.


  • Provides an alternative to Android’s MediaPlayer API
  • Plays audio and video both locally and over the Internet
  • DASH and SmoothStreaming adaptive playbacks
  • Easy to customize and extend, and can be updated through Play Store application updates
  • ExoPlayer modules can be obtained from JCenter
  • Clone the repository and depend on the modules locally

Musicboard ~ Social Platform & Apps

Musicboard is a social platform that allows you to keep track of all the music you listen to and grow your passion for music with friends. Write reviews, rate albums, and compile lists in music’s fastest growing community.

Pano ~ An Android Scrobbler For Last.FM

Scrobble from anything including video streaming apps, less known audio players or even a song playing in your IM app. (if they send audio metadata to the Android system)


  • No Ads ever
  • Scrobble from anything which produces audio with metadata, including Youtube, Chrome, Telegram etc.
  • Scrobble to last.FM, LibreFM, GNU FM and Listenbrainz
  • View scrobble count in notification
  • Verify the metadata with last.FM’s records before scrobbling
  • View track, album, artist and album artist details
  • View scrobbles from a specified date
  • Work with scrobbles (love a track, cancel a scrobble)
  • Edit recent scrobbles for free
  • Delete existing scrobbles
  • Offline caching and scrobbling
  • Check what your friends are listening to and view their profiles
  • Scrobble a song from mic or the S app (Android 8+)
  • Supports TVs (Oreo and lower needs adb commands)
  • Supports Pixel Now Playing
  • Import & export settings and saved edits
  • Intents for apps like Tasker, Macrodroid, etc.
  • View top artists, albums or tracks
  • View daily, weekly, monthly or yearly scrobble count graphs
  • I’m feeling lucky, a shuffle all for your entire listening history
  • Fetch albums and album artists from, if missing, before scrobbling
  • Search
  • Weekly / monthly top scrobble notifications
  • Add / remove personal tags
  • Customizable home screen widget
  • Mix and match themes
  • Block metadata from scrobbling
  • Pattern edits (up to 30)