About The Audio File

The Audio File is a curated list of the best audioware and audio related software. The emphasis is on free and open software. Think of The Audio File as a mostly daily log of audio discoveries on the high seas of open source software and freeware.

Still reading? Ok, I’m an audiophile and a retired technical writer; this blog was my personal attempt to document and share my PC audio and Foobar2000 efforts and experiences. As I do, or find, something new I try to post it here on The Audio File. I do scan all downloads as part of the vetting procedure, however, I still highly recommend scanning any download at VirusTotal.

This site has grown to include most of what I think is now out there. I’ve mostly given up since it’s now clear to me that Google and WordPress exploit content creators (ad revenue is a joke). Any mistakes, omissions or oversights are entirely mine. Feel free to contact me with any concerns or ideas.

Thanks, Tom (2tec)

PS. If you find a page, or app, helpful or not, I’d really appreciate if you could rate it appropriately. Thanks.
My current Foobar2000 DUI (Interface)
My Discogs page
My Last.fm page

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