Foobar2000 VU Meter Skins

FB2K VU Meter Skins Gallery:

012_onv by macarych
5Q meter

5Q by macarych

Abstimmung_Unbekannt by Churchbell-founder
Accuphase A-46 by kutuzof
Akai CS M 01 by SanJose
Akai 620 VU meters

Akai GX 620 by SanJose

Ashdown Engineering VU meters
Ashdown by macarych
Ashdown (for DarkOne) by macarych
Avionics VU meters

Avionics by macarych

Bang & Olufsen BEOCORD 1900 by SanJose

Bang & Olufsen BEOCORD 5000 Type 4921 by SanJose
Behringer blue meter
Behringer Blue by mire777
Behringer yellow meter
Behringer Yellow by mire777

Blue Lines by tedgo


Blue Squares by tedgo

Blue Sea by macarych
Berlant Concertone (mod DarkOne)
BMW by macarych
Bocatech by mararych
Brocker Labs. by mararych
Coleman Audio

Coleman Audio by SPK


Denon DR240 by SanJose

Denon V6 Blue by noel62
Denon LED gold meters

DENON Gold Analog LED by noel62


DENON Silver Analog LED by noel62

Dual Kassettendeck


EBlack meter

Electric Black by mire777

electric by myrach

Electric White by mire777

Frequency MHz
Great American Sound Company watt meters
GAS by macarych


Grundig CF 7500 by SanJose
Hartman & Braun
Hartmann & Braun by macarych
Hewlett Packard meter
Lamson (mod DarkOne)

LCD – Various Colors by tedgo

Luxman mod antonyb

Luxman by antonyb

M136 b

M136/2 by makary4

M4762 Default by kutuzof
Magnecord 1048 by SanJose


MRI3W128SPECR7 inch 3

MRI3W128SPECR (7inch_3) by macarych

Model 702
Model 702 – Default Meter Skin

No Name 3 by makary4 (0.bin)

Nuclear Electronics meter
Nuclear Electronics Corp.
Pioneer RT 909 in Blue by SanJose
Pioneer RT 909 in Red by SanJose
Pioneer RT 909 Blue & Red by SanJose
presonus vu meters
PreSonus by macarych

Peak Power Level by Makary4

Revox B710 by SanJose

Revox C270 by SanJose

Siemens RC 555 by SanJose
Simple black meter

Simple Black by mire777


Simple Lamp / LED

Simple LED by tedgo

Simple LED by tedgo

Two images of speakers

Speakers by mire777

Standard VU meters


SONY TC K80 by SanJose
Sony TC Dark Green

Sony – Dark Green

Sony T C 2 A

Sony TC 2x1x

Sony T C 2 x 3 x

Sony TC 2x3x


Stock Moving Coil

Teac NX 2


Technics RS 671 by SanJose
Technics RS 777 by SanJose
Technics RT-671nb by noel62

Technics RT-671nb by noel62

WEGA by SanJose
Additional Resources:

Installing Foobar2000 Analog VU Meters

19 responses to “Foobar2000 VU Meter Skins

  1. Hello… nice website!
    I’m trying to download “012_onv by macarych” but there’s no link =(
    Thank you for all the VU Meters!


    • sorry, I haven’t found that skin yet, if you do, let me know and I’ll link to it … I may perhaps have a copy of the bin somewhere, if so,I’ll try to find it myself and upload it asap


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