Foobar2000 VU Meter Skins Gallery

VU Meter Skins:

5Q meter5Q by macarych

Akai 620 VU meters
Akai GX 620 By SanJose

Ashdown Engineering VU meters
Ashdown by macarych

Avionics VU metersAvionics by macarych

Behringer blue meter

Behringer Blue

Behringer yellow meterBehringer Yellow

bluelines-1.pngBlue Lines

BlueSquaresBlue Squares

Coleman AudioColeman Audio by SPK

Denon LED gold metersDENON Gold Analog LED

denon-led-silver.pngDENON Silver Analog LED

Dual Kassettendeck

EBlack meterElectric Black by macarych

electric by myrachElectric White by macarych

Great American Sound Company watt meters
GAS by macarych


Hewlett Packard meter

lcd-blue-vu.pngLCD – Various Colors

Luxman mod antonybLuxman by antonyb

M136 bM136w
M136/2 by makary4



MRI3W128SPECR7 inch 3MRI3W128SPECR (7inch_3) by macarych

Model 702

noname3No Name 3 by makary4

Nuclear Electronics meter

Nuclear Electronics Corp.


Peak Power Level by Makary4

Simple black meter

Simple Black


SimpleLEDSimple Lamp / LED

Two images of speakersSpeakers

Standard VU metersStandard

Sony TC Dark GreenSony – Dark Green

Sony T C 2 ASony TC 2x1x

Sony T C 2 x 3 xSony TC 2x3x

PIFCOStock Moving Coil

Teac NX 2Teac

Technics RT-671nb by noel62Technics RT-671nb

Simple LED by tedgoSimple LED by tedgo

Additional Resources:
Installing Foobar2000 Analog VU Meters

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