Audio Projects

My Current Audio Projects:

    • Get Foobar2000 visualizations working properlydone!
    • Get the new DAC up and runningdone!
    • Implement LP digitization workflow ~ done!
    • Documenting foobar song ratings – almost done.
    • Documenting DAR (Dynamic Album Ratings) – almost done.
    • Getting balanced cables & do some tests – in progress.
    • Fix Foobar2000’s Last.FM functionality – in progress.
    • Add music collection to Discogs, Rate Your Music and MusicBrainzin progress.
    • Add BPM, dynamic range, dynamic ratings, and ReplayGain info to tags – mostly done.
    • Add musical key info to tags – mostly done.
    • Scan missing artwork and find better scanning software ~ mostly done.
    • Aikido based preamp from Pearl Audio / Bill Perkins. ~ no progress :~(
    • Rebuild a pair of Quad 57s, a mono 57, two tuners, a pre-amp and two Quad II amps ~ doing research.
    • Create foobar components page ~ mostly done.
    • Create foobar VU meter gallery ~ in progress.
    • Create foobar title formatting page ~ alpha.
    • Create Foobar theme gallery ~ in progress.

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