Foobar2000 ~ Skins, Themes & Wallpapers

CUI &  DUI Themes:

Mobile Themes:

blue3, MetroUI (Dark/Light), Orange, Purple, Wide & Wood ~

Dynamic Wallpaper:
Foobar2000 Skin & Wallpaper Engine

Icons & Icon Sets


foo_youtube ~ Foobar2000 & Youtube

Watch music videos and video playlists using Foobar2000

  • This component adds the possibility of playing Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion clips directly via their URL.
  • In addition to single clip URLs it supports clip feeds (i.e. playlists, channels etc.) from Youtube and Dailymotion.
  • Single clips and feeds can be added using File menu commands Add location and Add multiple URL(s).
  • Component has several UI elements, both DUI and CUI are supported. There are element for searching on Youtube within the program, for video playback and elements for various technical info about clips and component workflow. All elements are listed under Youtube Source group in UI configuration windows.
  • In addition to UI elements it has several popup windows with similar functionality.
  • For Lyric Show Panel 3 it provides an additional lyric source.
  • Clip thumbnails are exposed as album art to the program.
  • Single clip can be turned into album with multiple tracks.

Install component then install these dependencies:

Installing madVR:

  1. Download madVR zip archive
  2. Extract contents to a new folder
  3. Move folder to “C:\Program Files” (you need to be an admin)
  4. Right click install.bat and select “Run as administrator”

If it works it will say “Install Successful”

Additional Resources:

Foobar2000 ~ Columns User Interface (CUI)

Columns UI is an alternative skinnable user interface for the Foobar2000 audio player.

  • Playlist view with columns, grouping and artwork
  • In-line metadata editing
  • Customizable layout through interchangeable panel and toolbar components
  • Built-in panels: playlist view, artwork view, filter, item details, item properties, playlist list, playlist tabs, tab stack
  • Built-in toolbars: menu, buttons, seekbar, playback order, volume, spectrum analyzer
  • Extensible through official and third-party panel and toolbar components

Hydrogen Audio Forum

Advanced CUI Themes:
Georgia ~

CUI Components:

  1. foo_uie_albumart
  2. foo_uie_albumart_mod
  3. foo_uie_albumlist
  4. foo_uie_biography
  5. foo_uie_color
  6. foo_uie_console
  7. foo_uie_elplaylist
  8. foo_uie_eslyrics
  9. foo_uie_esplaylist
  10. foo_uie_library_tree
  11. foo_uie_lyrics_panel
  12. foo_uie_lyrics2
  13. foo_uie_lyrics3
  14. foo_uie_metronome
  15. foo_uie_output_switcher
  16. foo_uie_panel_splitter
  17. foo_uie_playlists_dropdown
  18. foo_uie_ptb
  19. foo_uie_sql_tree
  20. foo_uie_trackinfo
  21. foo_uie_typefind
  22. foo_uie_vis_channel_spectrum
  23. foo_uie_vis_peakmeter_spectrum
  24. foo_uie_wsh_panel_mod
  25. foo_uie_wsh_panel_mod_plus


foo_wave_seekbar ~ Foobar2000 Waveform Seekbar

Enhance the appearance and functionality of Foobar2000 by adding a visual waveform representation of the currently playing audio track, which can be used to navigate to any point in the image of the track by clicking there.

Waveform Seekbar is a UI element for both the Default UI and Columns UI that provides seekbar functionality (seeking, position indicator) on top of a pretty image of the waveform of the currently playing song, drawn using either Direct3D 9.0c or Direct2D 1.0.


Foobar Waveform Seekbar in action

Topic ~ Hydrogen Audio
Download ~ Hydrogen Audio
Documentation ~ Hydrogen Audio
Source code ~ GitHub

Additional resources:

Waveform Minibar ~ CUI Only
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