foo_discord_rich ~ Foobar2000 & Discord Integration

Foobar component which displays information about currently played track via Discord Rich Presence.,116860.0.html


if($stricmp($right(%filename_ext%,3),iso),Super Audio CD - 2.8MHz,%codec% - $ifgreater(%samplerate%,1000000,$insert($div(%samplerate%,100000),'.',$sub($len($div(%samplerate%,100000)),1)) MHz,$ifgreater($mod(%samplerate%,1000),0,$insert($div(%samplerate%,100),'.',$sub($len($div(%samplerate%,100)),1)) kHz,$div(%samplerate%,1000) kHz)) - %bitrate% kbps)

Discord ~ Open Source & Multi-platform Chat

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