Strobe Tuner ~ Windows Stroboscopic Tuning

Musical instrument strobe tuner; a real-time emulation.

  • Configurable up to 12 wheel, 9 octave.
  • 16.35 – 21,096 Hz (C0 – E10). Covers the full range of human hearing.
  • Configurable pitch and wheel count.
  • Many transpose (key) options.
  • Automatic and manual and gain control.
  • 60 FPS (with suitable computer).
  • Presets for single note, major, minor, and chromatic scales.
  • Adjustable 440 Hz.
  • Complete command line control.
  • Simulated sine waves for test and or debugging.
  • Actual low level emulation, no FFT used.
  • Coded in C.
  • Harmonic mode.


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