HippoPlayer ~ Cross Platform Old Format Player

HippoPlayer is a music player for macOS, Windows and Linux that mostly focuses on music made for systems such as Amiga, C64, and gaming systems. While HippoPlayer supports MP3, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, etc it’s not the main target.


The original HippoPlayer is something I used a lot when I had my Amiga. Over many years I tried various players and while some of them hold up none of them has been what I been looking for. Before starting this project I looked around quite a bit for alternatives and nothing really fit the bill.

Closest is likely XMPlay, but that’s for Windows only and closed source which isn’t what I want either but feature wise it’s fairly good. I started this project roughly 7 years ago. I did some work in a private repository and had something very basic up and running. Then other things happened and the project has been on ICE for quite many years but I always had it back in my head that I wanted to come back to it.

The aim I have with HippoPlayer is “a modern music player for your oldsk00l needs” This means it should feel nice and great to use with features that you can expect from a modern player but allow you to play older formats in the best way possible.




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