foo_scrobble ~ Foobar2000 & Last.FM

foo_scrobble is a component that scrobbles to

The old foo_audioscrobbler component is unmaintained and has various issues.

This replacement:

  • Uses the current token-based submission API. You authorize the component with instead of entering your login credentials.
  • Manages the scrobble cache automatically. There is no need to manually submit the cache.
  • Handles intermittent network outages or reconnects well. No “waiting for handshake” issue.

  1. Obtain a Last.FM account
  2. Download and install the latest release of foo_scrobble.fb2k-component
  3. Navigate to File>Preferences>Tools> Scrobbling
  4. Click the Request Authorization button.
  5. A Last.FM pre-authorization page will pop up. sign up

    Last.FM Pre-authorization Screen

  6. Click Yes, allow access to complete the authorization at Last.FM
  7. The Preferences: Scrobbling page button should now display Complete Authorization. You must click the button one last time. It will then display Clear Authorization.



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