foo_hdcd ~ Foobar2000 HDCD Decoder

This PCM postprocessor component, currently utilized by the CDDA, WAV, FLAC, and WavPack inputs, will process 16-bit PCM data with HDCD packets into 20-bit PCM. If it fails to find any packet headers within the first 5 seconds of a track, it gives up.

The HDCD status will be indicated in the info variable “hdcd,” retrievable with either %__hdcd% or $info(hdcd). Extra info variables are “hdcd_peak_extend,” “hdcd_transient_filter” and “hdcd_gain.”

Also included is a simple scanner that processes up to 5 seconds of each track selected and reports all tracks which contain HDCD information. If users want it, I will impement a full file scanner that also reports which HDCD features are used throughout the tracks.,79427.0

Those FLACs should still contain HDCD information, and the %__hdcd% info tag should be showing as much in the status bar. (Or in the playlist, if you have a playlist view that updates with dynamic metadata.),79427.msg720656.html#msg720656


Formatting Examples:

Foobar2000 / DUI / status or title bar:

(‘$if($info(hdcd) PRESENT,%__hdcd_gain% HDCD’,’ pe=%__hdcd_peak_extend% tf=%__hdcd_transient_filter%,no HDCD)’)’,114177.msg940475.html#msg940475

$if(%__hdcd%,’ (‘HDCD – pe:%__hdcd_peak_extend% tf:%__hdcd_transient_filter% gain:%__hdcd_gain%’)’,),79427.msg716302.html#msg716302
%codec% | %bitrate% kbps | %samplerate% Hz | %channels% | %playback_time%[ / %length%] $if(%__hdcd%,' 'HDCD - Peak Extend: %__hdcd_peak_extend% Transient Filter: %__hdcd_transient_filter% Gain: %__hdcd_gain%' ',),79427.msg716575.html#msg716575



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