ARTA ~ Audio Real Time Analysis

A collection of programs for audio measurements and analysis in acoustical and communication systems. ARTA software uses standard and professional PC sound cards for audio signal acquisition and generation.

ARTA software consists of following programs:

ARTA – program for the impulse response measurement and for real-time spectrum analysis and frequency response measurements.
STEPS – program for frequency response measurements with stepped-sine excitation. Simultaneously with a frequency response measurement the program estimates levels of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and higher order harmonic distortions.
LIMP – program for the loudspeaker impedance measurement and loudspeaker parameters estimation.

ARTA has functions of the following measurement systems:
  • Signal generator of following signals: white noise, pink noise, periodic white noise, periodic pink noise, speech signal, sine, two sine, multitone, triangle, square.
  • Impulse response measurement system
  • Single and Dual channel Fourier analyzer
  • Spectrum, octave band and THD analyzer
  • Triggered storage scope
  • Two-channel voltage level meter and third octave analyzer

With a calibrated microphone, ARTA can be used as a virtual IEC class 1 SPL meter with real time modes:

  • Integrating SPL meter with 24 hours data logging,
  • Octave SPL meter with noise rating (NR, NC, PNC, RC,NCB),
  • Third octave SPL meter with report of specific loudness, loudness in sones and loudness level in phones.
 ARTA is also a powerful analyzer of:
  • Gated frequency response,
  • Smoothed frequency response (in 1/n-octave bands),
    Step response,
  • Impulse response envelope (ETC – curve),
  • Cumulative spectral decay waterfall graphs and sonogram,
  • Burst decay waterfall graphs and sonogram,
  • Energy decay in reverberant environments,
  • Room acoustical parameters,
  • Directivity patterns,
  • Speech intelligibility measures: MTF, STI, RASTI, %AL.


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