EAC ~ Using Configuration Profiles

Exact Audio Copy enables configuration profiles to be created and then loaded as needed. An example of this is switching between Burst and Secure extraction modes. The quickest way to switch between these two drive settings is to create two different drive configuration profiles, one for burst and one for secure. Using the profile switcher in the bottom information bar, or footer, allows instant switching between these two different extraction modes.

Clicking on the New button at the bottom of EAC brings up the Create New Profile dialog ~

Profile - New - Create Profile - Drive - Burst

Add the name of the new profile, “Burst” and select the “Drive” option group. Repeat this procedure for another profile called “Secure”.

You should then have a Profile Selector that looks like this ~

Profile - Switcher - Drive - Burst.PNG

The last step is to select each profile in turn and select the corresponding extraction method, either Burst or Secure, in the Drive OptionsExtraction Method settings menu, and then click the Save button for each profile.


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