Songbird ~ Freeware Audio Player

With a focus on fans, Songbird personalizes music content from the artists you love the most. Share your own photos with artists and other fans or discover new artists, all while listening to your music on your computer.


The predecessor to Nightingale, Songbird is now defunct software ~ FYI, the real download link at the website is entitled “Free For PC”
Download ~ Metadata Lookup Service

Sadly, this service was terminated as of March 2020, apparently due to corporate indifference.

freedb was a free CD and music database service to look up textual metadata about music, audio or data CDs. This was done by a client which queried the freedb database. As a result, the client displayed the artist, CD title, track list and some additional information. Clients are for example CD players, CD rippers and CD burning software.

Alternative CDDB servers:

  • – defunct link