foo_vis_shpeck ~ Foobar MilkDrop Visualizations

Shpeck runs Winamp visualization plugins in a stand-alone window, a Columns UI panel or Default UI element.

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Shpeck enables Foobar2000 to display dynamic graphics that react to the beat. It’s possible to toggle between fullscreen and windowed modes.

Install the foo_vis_shpeck plugin, combined with Winamp’s MilkDrop visualizations.

  1. Download foo_vis_shpeck
  2. Download visualizations
  3. Install plugin
  4. Install visualizations
  5. Create foobar DUI window
  6. Configure plugin
  7. Configure visualizations


Milkdrop in Foobar on Windows 8 ~

Additional Presets:

… some archives from this milkdrop contest thread on winamp forum and put everything into a single archive. Some of the presets are nice and quite original, but most of them are variations. The ones that seemed nice to me I copied and added exclamation mark to their names. ~,59388.msg914054.html#msg914054


3 responses to “foo_vis_shpeck ~ Foobar MilkDrop Visualizations

  1. hi tom2tec, do you know if shpeck is compatible with winamp plugin “acidspunk”? I downloaded it from, unpacked & copied the .dll into the Winamp/plugins folder, but no luck getting it to appear in shpeck’s “available plugins” list after clicking “refresh list” or restarting foobar. So at a glance it seems “not compatible”, but figured I’d ask for further information in case I’ve erred in some way. thank you for any help & advice xoxo


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